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Is your dog always “on”? Does your dog love to work - even when it’s time to chill? Or maybe your dog has really BIG feelings about the world! This is a place for dogs born with that “go” - and the humans who love them for it!

 Follow Dice, a dog with plenty of “go” and big feelings for all the things, as he and his mom, Denise Fenzi, navigate the joys and challenges of growing up high-drive and training excellence.

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"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting this out. I’ve watched and rewatched many of the videos in the few days that I've had access. I've had so many moments of clarity in my own situation as I watch Dice. You putting this out there provides more comfort to me (and I can assume many others) than words can express."
- Jamie
"All the information on here is just what we needed to keep working on Chai’s fears, sensitivities, reactivity, redirected aggression, you name it. I feel very inspired and he is totally delighted. We both as a team badly need structure to put all the pieces in the right places and the videos have already proven to be a real treasure trove for us."
- Birgit
"I took my first FSDA online course about 5 years ago when starting Scent Work and now attribute the success Jake had doing SW with what I learned from the 12 courses I took. Along the way I began following Denise on Facebook and when Dice came into her life, I watched the regular videos she posted of him hoping to remember techniques for my next puppy. Additionally, I started incorporating some of what I was learning into my old dog's life to keep his brain entertained! I was thrilled when The High Drive Dog started because now all that I had been watching was organized into one program that is simple to navigate! I am addicted to the IG/FB "Lives" which I listen to at times that fit into my life (driving/exercising/etc) and am exploring the constant additions to the program including videos, regular webinars, "lives" and discussion groups for all the topics. Based on the amount of information provided and the minimal monthly fee, I anticipate being part of The High Drive Dog community for years to come!"
- Laurel and Jake
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