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Extensive collection of videos documenting Dice’s training journey

Everything is Included

9.95 US / month

Join The High Drive Dog membership community and explore daily training sessions, Denise's lectures, in depth learning, a 40-day behavior series, and an opportunity to connect with a one of a kind supportive dog community. Available immediately are the courses: Adolescent and Overaroused, Advancing Towards Adulthood, two Foundation series with two different puppies, and the full library of Denise’s lives on the subject, updated regularly. We will add new content gradually, stay tuned, we are just getting started!

Real Training

It's easy (and fun!) to publish videos of perfect dogs doing perfect things, exactly the way they're supposed to. Don't hold your breath. These videos are the real deal - learn how to handle errors and to celebrate successes in equal measure. It's all here!

Spiral - How Learning Happens

Training videos that show one exercise from start to finish are awesome but not the way most pros train. Instead, training tends to take place in bits and pieces, over a long period of time - a spiral! Over time, all of the pieces come together into a finished performance.

Foundations For All Sports

Foundations means what the rest of the skills are built on. If you want to do dog sports or simply train your dog to a very high level - you need foundation skills - the building blocks. 

Toy play, impulse control, engagement, and desire. And yes, you need specific skills as well! Dice, the star of the videos, is training for Mondio Ringsport and Obedience, but you'll quickly see how his foundation skills are valuable for any sport that requires both self control and drive, from agility to rally-o to protection sports.

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Community Focused

Community means supporting others with a common set of goals and interests. The community here is designed to be just that - supportive and focused on our mutual goals and interests.

Priced so Anyone Can Learn

Denise's commitment to affordable education started from Day One at FDSA, and continues over to this program. If you are serious about learning, we are serious about making that possible. One low monthly price of 9.95 US monthly includes access to everything.

So Much Information! How do You Find Anything?

With a fantastic search function that will let you search INSIDE videos - and then go instantly to the part of the video tagged with the key word or phrase that you searched! This feature will only be available for Dice's training from 8 weeks to 12 months, currently being added.