Denise Fenzi | Jan 03, 2022

This year, keep in mind what your goal is: balance and fluid change over every session.

Denise Fenzi | Dec 29, 2021

Creativity in training can mean lots of things but most of all it means fun!

Denise Fenzi | Aug 11, 2021

Sure, sometimes our dog's bevavior is less than desirable, but it doesn't always mean you have a behavior "problem" on your hands.

Denise Fenzi | Aug 04, 2021

What to do after a bad training day...

Denise Fenzi | Jul 27, 2021

An emotional model of maximizing mutual happiness starts with the assumption that emotionally happy beings tend to behave in a way that is ...

Denise Fenzi | Jul 18, 2021

Have you ever heard a dog trainer say, “Would you work without a paycheck?

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